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At TASK Connect, our focus is ensuring the safety and security of individuals in the workplace, especially those working alone, or in isolated locations without supervision. We understand the importance of regularly monitoring worker’s health and safety, whether through location tracking or regular communication throughout the working day.

GPS Locators

Our GPS locator solutions are equipped with a one-touch SOS button, providing immediate assistance when your employees need it most. Virtual boundaries can be created whereby real-time alerts are triggered with geo-fences, when employees enter or exit predefined areas. And for added peace of mind, our GPS devices offer optional fall detection* to enable a swift response in case of accidents.

Staff Check-Ins

In addition to our core GPS locator features, TASK Connect offers valuable optional add-ons designed to further enhance the safety and efficiency of your workforce. One such feature is our innovative check-in call service. This service provides an additional layer of safety by allowing your employees to check in at designated times.

Ensure Compliance, Reduce Risk

Our lone worker devices are equipped with an emergency alarm button which when activated transmits the user’s ID to our 24/7 monitoring centre via detailed screen maps of the area. The operator can view the worker’s current location, and history trail. The activation also opens an audio channel enabling hands free two-way speech, allowing any situation to be audibly monitored, recorded and continually assessed.

GPS Locator with Phone App

Self-Monitoring App for Companies

Our optional app empowers companies with the flexibility to monitor employee locations independently, whether through a desktop or smartphone. This additional feature complements our 24/7 monitoring service, giving businesses greater control and real-time insights into their workforce’s whereabouts. Whether for security or operational purposes, this user-friendly app ensures that you can stay connected and informed.

Pricing and Plans

We offer transparent pricing structures and flexible plans to accommodate companies of all sizes. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

*Please note that no fall detection system can guarantee 100% accuracy. For this reason the presence of the manual SOS emergency button remains vital.

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