24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

Our highly trained response team, are committed to providing a professional and friendly service. Available 24/7, year-round, they ensure prompt assistance whenever it is needed.

As soon as an alarm user activates their pendant button or GPS device, an alarm call is activated. Within seconds, a member of our team responds. They engage with the alarm user, enquiring about the situation and ensuring their well-being, before taking appropriate action.

In cases where medical attention is required, our team contacts the emergency services. Additionally, we can notify the alarm user’s designated contacts, such as friends, family, or neighbours. 

When the emergency services are dispatched, our team shares the alarm user’s vital medical information, including any medications, with the paramedics. This knowledge equips them with valuable insights to provide the best possible assistance upon arrival.

In situations where the monitoring team does not receive a response, they follow established protocols to ensure that timely and appropriate measures are implemented. This may involve contacting designated emergency contacts, dispatching emergency services to the location, or taking any other necessary steps to ensure the well-being and safety of the alarm user. 

Rest assured, our experienced professionals are well-versed in handling diverse scenarios and are equipped to ensure optimal care and response in every instance.

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