Live independently, live confidently

Our Mission

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, regardless of age. At TASK Connect, we believe in enabling you to embrace every moment with confidence and freedom.

Our monitored personal alarms and GPS locators are here to support you on your journey. They are carefully designed to enhance safety, security, and independence for individuals of all ages. From personal emergency response systems to cutting-edge GPS trackers, we have solutions that cater to diverse needs.

By simply pressing a button, you gain access to a network of compassionate professionals dedicated to your safety and well-being. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a moment of uncertainty, or an incident while out and about, they will provide you with the peace of mind and support you need.

Our Company

With a team of committed experts who possess an intimate grasp of both communication and security system technologies, we are forging a future where accessible care and security becomes a reality at the touch of a button for all.

TASK Connect Personal Alarm Service
TASK Connect Premises in Lurgan, Northern Ireland
TASK Ltd Headquarters, Ireland

Our Experience

Rest assured that your safety is our priority, because at TASK Connect, we are proud to be an integral part of the TASK Community Care group, a leading authority in the monitored alarm industry, established in 1974. TASK was Ireland’s first telecare company and boasts over 30 years experience of round-the-clock monitoring. Currently, TASK monitors 30,000+ telecare alarm and GPS locators across the UK and Ireland, making it a leading 24/7 monitoring provider in the UK and Europe.

Our Services

Telecare Alarm Service

Whether it’s a sudden fall or a moment of uncertainty, our user-friendly pendant alarm button is your lifeline, available day and night. Our 24-hour monitoring service extends beyond the confines of your home, with our GPS locator alarms ensuring your safety, whether you’re indoors or out, catering to active seniors who cherish their independence.

Lone-Worker Alarms

Whether you’re an independent lone worker seeking extra security, or an employer aiming to safeguard your workforce, rest assured that we have a GPS solution, complete with GPS alarm monitoring service tailored to help you. Moreover, we offer additional safety services, such as a regular check-in call option and password verification, to further protect workers and make their safety a top priority.


Out-of-Hours Call Answering

If you’re a housing association, or other provider of sheltered housing in need of call answering services for tenants, including for out-of-hours repairs calls, we invite you to reach out to us for more details on our competitive monitoring solutions.

Third-Party Telecare Monitoring

We specialize in delivering extensive monitoring services on a larger scale, catering to the needs of both local councils and other telecare service providers. Our monitoring solutions are tailored to address the the unique challenges, faced in ensuring efficient and reliable monitoring services to various communities. Should you require more detailed insights into how our bulk monitoring services can benefit your organization, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Client Testimonials

TASK became a God Send for Me as, I nearly died, on Xmas Day! As a Result, I got TASK MONITOR, Wrist, Neck Pendant Installed. If I accidentally, drop my Wrist Alarm or, Bang it off Something TASK, Respond Immediately and, just Reset the Alarm! I Feel So Secure, with them.
TASK Ltd Client
...thank you all for your wonderful responsiveness to [name redacted] who lives alone and is constantly reassured by your responses when she inadvertently triggers her alarm. We are very grateful for this as particularly in the last busy 12 months, we are not always close by. So keep up the good work and know that you make one lady and her family very happy.
TASK Ltd Client
I would like to thank everyone at TASK dad (94) passed away peacefully on [date redacted] and thanks to you we had great peace of mind that he was safe in his own home for the last few years. Keep up the good work!
TASK Ltd Client
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