Personal Attack Alarms

Alarms For Domestic Violence & Those At Risk

Our personal alarms are monitored day & night, keeping you connected to help at all times.

Types of Panic Alarms For Domestic Abuse

We provide two main types of alarms for domestic violence situations: in-house alarms and those that also work outdoors. Both types of alarms offer 24-hour monitoring and include two-way communication. 

1. In-House Alarms: These are suitable for situations where the risk of violence or abuse is likely to occur at home. The system includes a panic button that connects to a base unit elsewhere in the home. When the panic button is pressed, the base unit opens a two-way speech channel with 24-hour operators.

Additional panic buttons can be added to the system as needed to provide an extra layer of protection.

The type of alarm appropriate for you home will depend on whether or not you have digital broadband.

    • Digital Alarms: Suitable for homes with broadband – These connect directly to your home broadband hub, ensuring communication with the 24-hour monitoring center when an alert is triggered. Please note that the alarm will not function if disconnected from the mains electricity supply and may not work during a power outage.
    • GSM Alarms: Suitable for any home regardless of whether there is a phone-line or broadband – These use a SIM card to connect to the 24-hour monitoring center. They plug into a single electrical socket, allowing for flexible placement anywhere in the home. The alarm will continue to operate for over 24 hours, even if disconnected from the power supply and during a power outage, provided cellular network services remain operational.


2. GPS Locators with Panic Button: These are ideal for individuals who need protection both at home and while out and about. The GPS locators can be worn discreetly and activated anywhere. Even if there is no cellular coverage, operators can view a history trail of your last known location. Additionally, overspeed alerts and fall/impact detection can be set to activate automatically.

How The Ordering Process For Your Personal Attack Alarm Works

Order Placement

  • When you place your order, you will receive a form via a link to your email. This form asks for details about your situation to help us respond effectively in an emergency.
  • You will also be asked to list the names of emergency contacts you would like us to notify in case of an emergency. This can include a family member, friend, or police liaison officer/crime prevention officer.
  • At least two names are required unless we have received written agreement from a police liaison officer/crime prevention officer to act as the sole emergency contact on your behalf.

Password Option

  • You will have the option to provide a password that indicates you are under duress if you cannot directly communicate it.

GPS Monitoring App

  • For GPS devices, an additional app or desktop login can be provided for one of your nominated contacts to monitor your location in real-time if needed. You will be asked if you want to include this at the time of ordering. 

What happens when you Activate Your Panic Button

Silent Activation

  • When you press the panic button, operators can contact your emergency contacts with details of your location and any additional information.
  • If you indicate that the police need to be called, operators can notify the police directly on your behalf.

Emergency Contact Notification

  • The alarm activates silently or with a vibration to indicate successful activation. Operators will initially respond silently unless otherwise arranged.

Call Recording

  • All calls are recorded and can later be used as evidence if needed.

Many of our customers are exempt from paying VAT on their personal alarms if they, or the person they are purchasing for, have a medical condition requiring regular medication or are registered disabled

To order copies of our Domestic Abuse Alarm leaflet for your organisation, please contact us stating the number you require.

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