Automatic Fall Detectors

Our range of fall detectors is designed to automatically detect falls among individuals who have mobility issues or are prone to falling. The Vibby, inactivity detectors, and bed exit alarms are all telecare devices that connect to our 24-hour monitoring service via your central telecare hub. Our operators will then arrange for emergency assistance as needed. These telecare fall detectors are particularly suited for individuals living alone or those who may be home alone for parts of the day or night. They provide an additional layer of safety and support, especially for those at risk of falls or who have mobility issues.

Vibby Fall Detector

Automatically detects falls and sends an alert to our 24-hour monitoring centre, who will notify your emergency contacts.

Inactivity Alert

These sensors are designed to detect an absence of movement within a pre-set time frame. If no activity is detected, they send an alert to the monitoring center after the specified duration.

Bed Exit Alert

Activated when someone leaves the bed and does not return within a pre-set timeframe, indicating a potential fall.
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