Telecare Equipment

24/7 Monitoring and Peace of Mind

Telecare equipment provides continuous 24-hour monitoring, offering peace of mind to users and their families. Central to any telecare system is the two-way speech unit, also known as the telecare base-unit. The telecare two-way speech unit (pictured below) is the cornerstone of any telecare system. It comes with a pendant button or wristband alarm and can receives signals from various other telecare sensors installed throughout your home. When any telecare equipment is activated, the telecare system ‘base-unit’ dials through to our 24/7 monitoring centre. It is avaiable for homes with digital broadband, and also in a GSM version for homes with no phone-line or broadband.

A telecare base unit

Digital Telecare System

Suitable For Homes With Digital Broadband Connectivity
A telecare base unit

GSM Telecare System

Suitable For Homes With No Phone-Line or Broadband. Works with SIM Card (Included)

How Telecare Works

When any telecare device such as the pendant button, is activated, it sends a unique signal to the telecare base-unit, which then dials through to our 24/7 monitoring center. Trained call-handlers at the monitoring center can hold a two-way conversation with you through the base-unit. This allows them to quickly assess the situation and provide immediate assistance if needed. If the call-handlers do not hear a response, they will contact your nominated emergency contacts to check on your well-being.

The system ensures that help is always available, whether it’s a medical emergency, a fall, or any other situation where you might need assistance. The call-handlers are trained to handle a variety of emergencies and can provide advice, reassurance, and dispatch emergency services if necessary. 

Types of Telecare Equipment

A wide range of telecare equipment, also known as ‘telecare peripherals,’ are available. These devices can be strategically placed throughout the home as needed. Once activated, each telecare device sends a unique signal to the telecare base unit. This allows operators to identify which device has been triggered and relay this crucial information to emergency contacts if necessary. Additionally, the telecare equipment can include features such as automated alerts for low battery levels, ensuring that your devices are always functional. This comprehensive approach to monitoring and assistance enhances both safety and independence, providing peace of mind for users and their families. The telecare devices include:

  • Pendant Alarms: Wearable devices that allow users to call for help with a simple button press.

  • Fall Detectors: Sensors that detect falls and automatically alert the monitoring center.

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Devices that alert users and the monitoring center to dangerous levels of smoke or CO.

  • Inactivity Sensors: Monitors when there is no movement within the home in a particular room, during pre-programmed hours.

  • Bogus Caller Buttons: If you are unsure of a caller’s identity, you can press the bogus caller button before answering your door.

Benefits of Telecare

  • Continuous Monitoring: Telecare equipment ensures you are connected to trained operators 24/7, providing peace of mind.

  • Immediate Assistance: In case of emergencies, help is always available through the telecare system. Operators can contact your emergency contacts to check on you.

  • Enhanced Safety: With various sensors and alarms, telecare equipment enhances home safety and security.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that trained professionals are always ready to assist provides reassurance to telecare users, and also to their families.

Investing in telecare equipment means you and your loved ones can enjoy a higher level of safety and independence at home. The telecare base-unit, coupled with various sensors and alarms, ensures that help is always available when needed, providing comprehensive support and peace of mind. To add additional telecare peripherals to your existing personal alarm system contact us with you account number. Or for more information on telecare equipment and how it can benefit you, please get in touch. 

Telecare Equipment List

Inactivity Alert

The Inactivity Alert Sensor activates if no activity is detected after a pre-set time

Personal Alarm Button

Replacement or additional personal alarm button can easily be added to your telecare system

Bogus Caller Button

Place at the front or back entrance to your home for extra security and peace of mind
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