Monitored Attack Alarms with GPS

for indoor and outdoor use, monitored 24/7

Attack alarms are invaluable in any situation where there is a risk of violence or domestic abuse, ensuring you are never left to deal with a situation alone.

Attack alarms with SOS panic buttons and Domestic Abuse Alarms are available for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. A single button press connects you to our 24/7 monitoring center, where trained call handlers can quickly reach out to emergency services, a trusted contact, or family member on your behalf.

Your home address or last known GPS location is instantly available on our screens, enabling us to respond according to your instructions and take the most appropriate actions for your situation. We also offer a ‘please send help’ password system for discreetly signaling whether you require assistance.

Evidential Audio Recordings: When any of the alerts are triggered, audio recordings are created, serving as valuable evidence in potential court proceedings.

Our outdoor GPS alarms also offer optional geo-fence capabilities, automatically triggering an alert to our monitoring station when you venture beyond a predetermined area, such as a school perimeter or local zone. This optional feature is invaluable in situations where there is a risk of kidnapping or when someone is unable to press the SOS button. These versatile GPS location trackers with panic buttons can be worn on the body, stowed in a pocket, or discreetly placed in a bag or rucksack for added security.

Help at the touch of a button

Password System

The “please send help” password system is a discreet way to signal for assistance without alerting potential aggressors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pre-arranged Password: You and the monitoring center agree upon a specific password or code phrase, such as “I think I need to go for a walk” or “I feel a bit lightheaded” This password is known only to you and the monitoring center.

  2. Activation: In a situation where you need help but cannot directly state this, you discreetly use the password. This can be done after you press the panic button and the call connects to our monitoring centre.

  3. Recognition: The call handlers at the monitoring center are trained to recognize the password. When they hear it, they understand that you require assistance urgently, even if you can’t explicitly say so.

  4. Response: Upon recognizing the password, the monitoring center initiates the appropriate response, such as contacting emergency services or your designated contacts.

  5. Discretion: Since the password can be seamlessly integrated into conversation, it helps maintain discretion, ensuring that potential aggressors are unaware that you’ve called for help.

Overall, the “please send help” password system provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind, allowing you to get assistance quickly and discreetly in potentially dangerous situations

Impact/Fall Detection

In addition to manual activation, our personal safety alarms include advanced features such as impact/fall detection and tilt activation. These features provide additional layers of protection and can automatically trigger an alert in certain situations, such as a sudden impact or a significant tilt of the device. Here’s how they work:

  1. Impact/Fall Detection: This feature is designed to detect sudden impacts or falls, which could occur if a person is struck from behind or experiences a fall. When the device senses such an impact, it automatically triggers an alert to the monitoring center or designated contacts. This allows for immediate assistance to be sent, even if the user is unable to manually activate the alarm.

  2. Tilt Activation: Tilt activation works by detecting when the device is tilted to a certain degree, indicating that the user may be in distress or unable to activate the alarm manually. For example, if someone attempts to snatch the device from the user’s hand or if the user is incapacitated and the device is moved at an angle, the tilt activation feature can be triggered, sending an alert.

Both of these features offer a proactive approach to personal safety by automatically summoning help in emergencies. Importantly, alarms triggered by impact/fall detection or tilt activation can be cancelled if the user is able to do so, preventing false alarms.

These advanced features provide an additional level of security and peace of mind, especially in situations where the user may be unable to activate the alarm manually, such as during an attack or if they have fallen and are injured. 


Stay Connected, Stay Protected

24/7 Monitored. Personal panic alarms, for situations involving risk of violence or attack.

To order copies of our Domestic Abuse Alarm leaflet for your organisation, please contact us stating the number you require.

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