Can You Wear a Personal Alarm Button With A Pacemaker?

Regarding the Compatibility of Our Telecare Alarm Equipment With Stents, Cardiac Pacemakers, and Other Electronic Medical Devices

The TA74 Personal Alarm with Tx Transmitter
The TA74 Personal Alarm with Tx Transmitter

Personal alarm transmitters (pendant/wristband telecare alarm buttons) can generally be worn when stents, pacemakers, and other electronic medical aids are fitted, without any expected hazards.

The personal alarm buttons (Tx transmitters) used with the TeleAlarm TA74 alarms, provided by TASK Connect, comply with EC directives and transmit on the dedicated social alarm frequency.

The Tx radio transmitters (pendant buttons) included in the TA74 telecare systems have been tested for potential interference with electronic medical aids and meet the applicable requirements. Therefore, no hazards are expected when using these transmitters with electronic medical aids, including pacemakers.

In summary, the Tx transmitter should be safe to use. However, you should check with the manufacturer of the pacemaker/electronic medical aid to ensure compatibility.

Please note this is not the case with GPS locators, which must be kept at least 25 cm away from a pacemaker. If a GPS locator must be worn with electronic medical aids, including pacemakers, then it is recommended wearing the device as a wrist attachment on the less dominant arm, rather than around the neck.

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