History of TASK Community Care

Ireland's First Telecare Company

Established in 1974 by TASK Group CEO, Gerard Bunting, the company initially specialised in security systems, focusing primarily on intruder alarm installations. At that time, only a handful of companies in Dublin were engaged in similar work.

In a pivotal move in 1978, TASK expanded its portfolio to include the manufacturing of ‘Audible Warning Units.’ These pioneering devices operated through wireless communication, enabling a transmitter in one location to activate an alert on a receiver in another. The company found a significant market for these units, including with An Garda Síochána, who recognized the potential of this novel technology in enhancing community safety.

During the same period, TASK established partnerships with Occupational Therapists, who began integrating the company’s Audible Warning Units into hospital settings. This marked the initiation of TASK’s venture into health and community care, as the company furthered its collaborative efforts with organizations such as the National Rehabilitation Board and the Occupational Therapy Department at Dublin City Hospital.

In 1991, the company diversified into what is now recognized as telecare monitoring, operating from their Dublin premises. This strategic expansion was facilitated by a 1991 scheme from Dublin City Council and the Health Board, specifically designed to address the needs of vulnerable older individuals in Ireland. Initially monitored by the Dublin Fire Authority, the responsibility for overseeing these ‘social alarms’ shifted to TASK later that year. This transition was prompted by a request from the Fire Authority, as they discontinued answering the alarm calls under the scheme. TASK, leveraging its expertise and commitment to innovative solutions, seamlessly assumed this role, becoming Ireland’s first telecare company.

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