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Please enter the name and address of the person placing the order. This may be different from the person who will be using the fall detector. After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation email that includes a link to an online information sheet. This form is designed to gather essential information about the person who will be using the service and their nominated emergency contacts.

Fall Detector Connectivity

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If the person for whom the alarm is being purchased has a medical condition requiring medication or is registered as disabled, they may be eligible for VAT exemption. Please refer to our VAT Exemption Guide if necessary for more information.
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Vibby Fall Detector

Includes Alarm Base Unit
  • Automatic fall detection*
  • Integrated SOS alarm button
  • Waterproof
  • For use in the home and garden
  • 24-hour professional monitoring
  • All alarm calls included
  • Button works up to 300m from alarm hub
  • 1-2 year typical battery duration
  • Free battery replacements
  • Free 2-3 day delivery
  • Easy setup
  • 12 month minimum contract
  • Vibby & alarm are rented
  • The Vibby fall detector is designed for individuals prone to falling or with mobility issues
  • *While the Vibby fall detection system is advanced, like all fall detectors it may not always detect all types of falls. Therefore, the manual button is included for additional safety and assurance.
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