Domestic Violence Alarms

Why Domestic Violence Alarms?

If you or someone you know is at risk of domestic violence, installing domestic violence alarms can provide peace of mind and potentially life-saving assistance. With options starting from just £12 per month, these personal alarms offer a range of features designed to keep you safe in emergency situations. The domestic violence alarms are specifically designed to provide rapid response in the event of an emergency. They come with a panic button that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck, allowing immediate access to help if needed. In addition to personal panic buttons, fixed position panic buttons can be strategically installed around the home for extra security.

Types of Domestic Violence Alarms

There are two main types of domestic violence alarms that we provide, these are personal alarms that work in the vicinity of the home, and GPS alarms that can also be used when outdoors. Both types contain an integrated panic button to allow help to be called day or night.

1. Home Based Alarms

Home-based alarms are designed to work within and around the home, including the driveway or garden. These are suitable where the risk to the individual is in their home. These personal alarms connect to a 24/7 monitoring center via your home broadband, or using GSM/mobile connectivity if you do not have a phone-line. These alarms provide fast assistance when activated, summoning help to your home location.

Added Benefit of Home-Based Alarms:

An added benefit of home-based personal alarms is the ability to add fixed position panic buttons. These can be strategically installed around the home for extra security. The panic buttons provide quick access to help in various areas of the house, ensuring you’re never far from assistance.

2. GPS Alarms

GPS locator alarms with integrated SOS button, can provide protection both in the home and outdoors, anywhere there is cellular coverage. These alarms incorporate GPS technology, allowing for location tracking, including a history trail of your movements, viewable by trained operators once an alert is activated. The GPS alarms work in the same way as the in house panic button alarms, connecting you to our 24-hour monitoring centre, once activated. A two-way speech channel is then opened and you can communicate with the operator , providing it is safe to do so.

How GPS Locators Work:

When the panic button on a GPS alarm is pressed, it initiates the two-way call to our 24-hour monitoring centre. Additionally, the GPS technology within the alarm allows the monitoring centre to pinpoint your location. Operators can then call your designated emergency contacts or the emergency services with your location. If you are purchasing your GPS Locator from TASK Connect, we include a multi-network (roaming) SIM card in the device. This enables the locator to attach to the strongest available network, wherever you are in the UK or Ireland. 

Added Benefit of GPS Locators:

The benefit of these type of personal alarms is primarily that the alarm allows the monitoring centre to pinpoint your GPS location. Operators can then call your designated emergency contacts or the emergency services with your location, if needed.

Features of Domestic Violence Alarms

  • Immediate Response: Whether you’re at home or on the go, domestic violence alarms provide immediate access to help when activated.

  • Versatility: Home-based alarms offer protection within the confines of your home, while GPS alarms extend that protection wherever you may be.

  • GPS Tracking: GPS alarms provide added security by allowing operators to track your location in real-time, ensuring help can reach you quickly in any situation.

  • Two-Way Communication: Our alarms provide two-way communication with the monitoring centre, allowing for effective assistance and coordination during emergencies.

  • Affordable and Accessible: With options starting from just £12 per month, domestic violence alarms offer an affordable solution for enhancing your safety and peace of mind.

Domestic violence alarms are essential tools for protecting yourself or loved ones from harm. With home-based and GPS options available, you can ensure safety both within and outside of your home. Please do not hesitate to call us in confidence for further details and invest in your safety with a domestic violence alarm system.

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