Encouraging Elderly Loved Ones to Wear Telecare Pendant Buttons

Encouraging elderly parents to use their telecare pendant buttons regularly can significantly enhance their safety and your peace of mind. Through monthly test calls, addressing common concerns, and placing extra buttons around the home, you can help your loved ones become more comfortable and confident with this life-saving technology.

Pacemaker Compatibility With Personal Alarms

Personal alarm transmitters (pendant/wristband telecare alarm buttons) can generally be worn when stents, pacemakers, and other electronic medical aids are fitted, without any expected hazards.

Fall Detection Watch

Fall detection watch with GPS making an SOS call

The fall detection watch with GPS, offers peace of mind to seniors, lone workers, and anyone at risk. It arrives ready to use, with a multi-network SIM that connects to the strongest available network, making it ideal for use in both the UK and Ireland. Emergency calls can be placed by pressing the SOS button. And with the integrated two-way speech functionality, you can talk to our 24-hour operators.

GPS Trackers for Elderly and Dementia

Elderly woman sitting on a bench outdoors

GPS Trackers for Elderly and Dementia Caring for elderly loved ones, especially those with dementia, can require unwavering attention. Our GPS location trackers are designed for elderly individuals or those with dementia and can serve as invaluable assistive technologies. These devices offer much more than GPS location tracking; they provide a lifeline for older people […]

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