Telecare Digital Switchover: Customer Information

The digital switchover refers to the transition from traditional analogue phone lines to digital (IP-based) networks throughout the UK. The deadline has now been pushed back to January 2027. The transition is particularly important for telecare users as it impacts how telecare systems operate and connect to monitoring centres. 

Encouraging Elderly Loved Ones to Wear Telecare Pendant Buttons

Encouraging elderly parents to use their telecare pendant buttons regularly can significantly enhance their safety and your peace of mind. Through monthly test calls, addressing common concerns, and placing extra buttons around the home, you can help your loved ones become more comfortable and confident with this life-saving technology.

Pacemaker Compatibility With Personal Alarms

Personal alarm transmitters (pendant/wristband telecare alarm buttons) can generally be worn when stents, pacemakers, and other electronic medical aids are fitted, without any expected hazards.

Personal Alarm with SIM card

No Landline, No Problem: Stay Connected 24/7​! Our personal alarm systems for at home (GSM) and outdoors (GSM & GPS) connect you to to our monitoring centre operators via a SIM card, over a mobile network.

TASK Connect Launches in Northern Ireland, Expanding TASK Community Care Group

TASK Connect Personal Alarm Service

TASK Connect Launches in Northern Ireland Ireland’s First Telecare Company TASK Community Care Expands with the Launch of Fully Owned Subsidiary “TASK Connect” in Lurgan, Northern Ireland   TASK Community Care, Ireland’s first telecare company and now a leading provider with over 45 years of experience in personal alarm technology, is excited to announce the […]

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